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Who we are 



Johanne Brodeur


Born into a Québécois family of agricultural producers, I learn quickly all the ins and outs of the business. After my administrative studies, I obtained my first chicken farm in 1980. Following some health problems, I decided to change my nutrition for healthier choices. This is where I discovered the benefits of organic products. To be consistent with my new values and lifestyle, in 2000, I acquire land that I cultivate organically. Since being certified organic in 2006, I am devoted exclusively to organic culture.


Pierre Verly


Native of Switzerland, with its immense mountains and smaller spaces, I grew conscious of the importance a farmer has on his environment. After finishing my schooling in agriculture, I immigrated to Quebec in 1981. I experimented with many different techniques in conventional crops: direct seeding, ridge tillage, strip-spraying, reduced dosage, as well as crops with agricultural inputs. After a course in organic farming in 1995, I started the transition of my land to become certified organic in 2000





L'Arome des Champs is an alliance of good heart and values shared between Johanne Brodeur and Pierre Verly. In 2010, their passion for agriculture and its evolution brought Johanne and Pierre to work under the same company after having collaborated for the last 6 years. The courses offered in organic farming along with the combined efforts between organic farmers has helped l'Arome des Champs with their progression and to continue its evolution. 



Our fields

We harvest more than 200HA of land 100% organic in the area of Bromont.
We rotate between 5 different varieties as follows:
- soy beans
- corn
- mixed grains (oats, wheat, peas)
- spelt
- wheat


Our method

To guarantee the integrity of our product, our equipment is solely used for our production.
We do quality tests every spring on our corn is labs specialized in the detection of GMOs.
An analysis of our harvest is available for:
- toxins
- dry matter
- proteins
- falling numbers are available for different varieties of wheat.

Our products are available in bulk.

Founding member of the Co-Op Agrobio of Quebec.

Our values

We are inspired by the four pillars of agro-economy which are:

For us, modern organic agriculture is the answer to the problems faced by conventional farming methods.

We are convinced that every living being contributes to the cycle of life and it is important to maintain this cycle on our farms.

Our choices are oriented towards a decrease of needs instead of increasing or maintaining high levels of consumption in diverse resources.

We unite in favour of economic and social justice for all.

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