Spelt, a robust grain, is as old as 5000 years, and originates from Asia. It is peculiar since its hull (the grain's envelope) protects itself from disease and extreme cold. New varieties of high-yield wheat almost made spelt disappear. Due to great efforts made by organic farming, spelt has a newfound gain due to its high nutrition value.


We produce 100% organic grains inspired by the four pillars of agro-economy 


Our white-hilum soy bean is used in the making of of soy milk and tofu. Soy bean is a legume originating in Asia over 4000 years ago. It is planted at every 30 inches to ease weeding. A special attention is necessary when harvest and storing in order to guarantee we meet the requirements needed for human consumption.


This type of grain is over 2000 years old and was discovered by Christopher Columbus in Central America (Mexico). For many years, our farm does a test plot of open-pollination corn which is under the supervision of the Co-Op Agrobio of Quebec. Organic corn is the most difficult to produce organically. This crop pushes us to research which in turn perfects and betters our techniques.


We harvest a red spring wheat destined for baking flour. Wheat appeared 800 years before Jesus Christ in the Mesopotamian region (Middle East today). It is planted at every 5 inches at the beginning of the season with light organic fertilization.

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